I finally got out to join the crew today.  I was able to work from home  so I started and cut out early.  Alexi was here as well.  I missed the first part of the day, but by the time I got out there the sun was bright and the air just warmer than crisp.  For those of you that haven’t spent the day building a greenhouse, it’s just fun.  Especially with good company.  (I can say that after only 2 hours work… Steph’s looking over my shoulder and begging to differ)  Alexi and I became experts and getting the boards flush although he always put the screw one hole too high.  Steph discovered a pre-built greenhouse is a great jungle gym and LeeAnn laughed more than you’d expect, given her high standards for real humor.  Dave was hoping we’d get it all done this weekend, but he’s been known to be optimistic… check back tomorrow.   – Sasha


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