Progress and Injuries…

Well we (finally) finished framing the endwalls yesterday under a blazing sun with no wind!  Decided at 2:30 pm to go for it and pulled the plastic down the length, so the greenhouse is skinned (skun?).  Negotiations are ongoing as to the exterior covering.

Progress always involves sacrifice.  This came in the form of one pre-hung door being smashed by errant tractor operator and one lip being smashed by errant board handling.  All in all a small price to pay.

Once the endwalls are covered, the doors, windows, and fan hung, we can get on with laying out benches and maybe get some seeds started, which was the point after all.  We still have about a week of leeway before veering off course of the seeding plan, so no worries.



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One response to “Progress and Injuries…

  1. farmerwife

    And how could you forget to mention the risk-taking, death-defying, cirque du soliel-like tight-rope walking across the top of the greenhouse to roll the plastic out? 14 feet above the hard, cold earth with no net!

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