It’s finally done!!

Well, the greenhouse is mostly done at this point!!  There are a few odds and ends to finish up, Scott came over to do some electrical work today, and we still have to put cleats on the top half of the end walls, but we’ve moved our leeks and onions in and started planting more. Yesterday LeeAnn, John (our new part time help) and myself got all the peppers, flowers, cabbage, and broccoli seeded, and today me and LeeAnn seeded all the tomatoes and eggplant. I can’t wait till all the seedlings start popping up.

Me and Dave took the sheep back over to Fuller St yesterday. I think they were pretty excited to have such a big green field to roam in. Their heads went down to munch some grass, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t looked up since.

At bee school last night me and LeeAnn got to try bee pollen, which had a cool texture, soft and fluffy, but a strange bitter taste. Our new bees our scheduled to arrive next weekend. We have 2 new packages coming, and although no one else believes our bees from last year are alive I’m still holding out hope for them. Either way we should hopefully end up with plenty of honey this fall.



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