Into the Field

The past few days of sunshine gave us a chance to finally get in the field. We did have a bit of snow mixed with our sun on Wednesday to remind us it’s still April. Some peas, beets and carrots have now been planted! Hopefully we get some rain tonight to help them on their way. We uncovered some of our garlic that was mulched a little heavy in spots last fall, and got some tasty cover crop planted in the area where the pigs will be staying this summer. We spread a bit of compost where the tomatoes will be, and harrowed the new field for the potatoes. And we (mostly I) got suck in the mud a few times.

We’re still seeding away in the greenhouse, some greens, bunching onions, more herbs, and swiss chard.Everything is starting to pop up in there. Lots of tomatoes are coming up now, most of the flowers, cabbage, broccoli, and some of the herbs. There’s a small sea of green created by the leeks and onions. Everyday something new is emerging. It’s a fun time of year to be on the farm. Seeing all of the new life and green makes me very happy after the winter. I can’t wait to start eating.

We also set up our 2 new beehives, and one of our packages will be arriving tomorrow.



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  1. Liz

    Hi Farmers!

    The farm, especially the Greenhouse look beautiful! Congrat’s Stephy on your Bee School certification.

    Lots of love from Boston,

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