How quickly things change!

One of the few benefits of being away from the farm all week is that when I get home from work on Friday, I get to explore all the changes that took place during the week.  This Friday I walked in to Dave, Donna, and Scott laughing and enjoying  a beer in the greenhouse.  And compared to last week, the house was green… all sorts of things sprouting.  LeeAnn and Steph (I’m assuming… it’s usually them doing the work) planted a nice bed down the center of the greenhouse and are starting to fill it with spinach and other greens.  Dave put a great multi-paned window in the front of the greenhouse and this weekend Scott completed installation and wiring up the fan and louvers.

We joined Donna and Scott for Easter and some wonderful food today and checked out Donna’s greenhouse.  She has a beautiful deep bed of onions and they seem to thrive in it.  Her garlic is looking great as well.  I enjoyed the standard banter and competition between the part-time farmer, as Dave would call her, and the young farmer (newbie… not age) as Donna would refer to Dave.

We’re now down to the very smallest of our beets from last year, so the sun better start shining and the new food growing!




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3 responses to “How quickly things change!

  1. Martianne

    You all are having loads of fun, it seems. I cannot wait until Luke and Nina re old (and cooperative!) enough for me to volunteer, learn and laugh at the farm, too! Until then, we love our CSA share and appreicate all your hard and fruitful work, as well as your smiling spirits. Thank you!

  2. greenmanjacket

    Nice post. I like hearing your perspective.

    By the way, John the other farmer team member, did a bunch of the planting in that nice bed of greens down the middle of the greenhouse.

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