An update on behalf of the farm

So I eagerly logged on to the blog on Friday to see all that I’d missed while I was away at work for the week.  To my surprise, the most recent post had been the one I made a week ago!  So I had to go back to the old-fashioned method of asking LeeAnn, Steph, and Dave how their week was and what they had done.

I discovered that the reason for the sparsity of posts is that the team has been busy preparing and planting the fields so that everyone is awash in fresh vegetables very very soon.  Lots of plowing – probably called harrowing – and lots of planting and watering.  The fields are now filled with peas and onions.  Not only the onion sets – that’s when you plant little onions to grow more onions – but Steph and LeeAnn tried out LeeAnn’s new dibbler (she’ll have to tell you what that is) and transplanted several rows of the onion plants started from seed.  I’m sure there are many stories to add color to these simple facts, but not having had the pleasure of participating, I can only hope along with the rest of you that LeeAnn and Steph find the time to document their fun.

The goats are now over at Fuller Street and happy for all the grass.  The lambs have happily adjusted there as well – the two mamas and their four kids.  The Kosher Kings were moved over last week as well… those are the meat chickens.  They’re in one of last year’s chicken tractors, but the crew is also working on a chicken schooner… again – we’ll await knowledgeable updates on what that is.

Back at the house, our asparagus is up!!!  We may get a couple spears as early as tonite, but certainly by the end of the week we’ll be swimming in them.  And our 1100 tulip have just about all bloomed.  There’s color everywhere.

The weekend demanded both sides of the greenhouse be rolled up to their highest point and it was still warm in their needless to say.

I’m now off to help Dave finish off sealing the plastic on the greenhouse (I think) and assist in any other weekend tasks a glamorous farmer’s wife can contribute to…

– Sasha


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