Sasha was right, things have been very busy here at the farm. We’ve been trying to prepare the fields which involves some plowing, because we’re turning over new sod, and harrowing, which helps loosed up the soil, works the cover crop into the field, and also breaks up some chunks of sod.

The peas have started sprouting, as have the carrots and beets. The weeds seem to be enjoying this weather as well. We got all of the onion sets planted last week, about 5000 I believe. We also started transplanting the onions we started from seed, 2 beds down, many more to go.

Everything is growing like crazy in the greenhouse. We’ve started potting up the tomatoes. We start them very close together in small trays until they have about 2 sets of true leaves, then we transplant them into bigger pots because they need more room but it’s too early for them to be outside. We also seeded a bunch today, melons, wintersquash, zucchini and summer squash, okra (a new one for us), and more lettuce.

Despite all this warm weather the Fuller street field is still pretty mucky from that rain we got last week, very heavy clay soil, so we haven’t been able to prepare beds there. As soon as we can though we’ll have some beets and swiss chard ready to be transplanted, possibly some broccoli and cabbage as well.

LeeAnn has been working on her dibbler, there are a few kinks to be worked out, but it’s been great. It’s a large spool with dowels screwed into it at the spacing we want to plant something. As we walk it down a bed it leaves an indent where we should put a plant. It makes transplanting much quicker because you don’t have to measure as you go, and it leaves you with a much straighter row.



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