Thanks Beeloo

Thank you Leon Beeloo for bring out the Webelos this past weekend!  We all had a great time.  I’d say there were about 15 kids and almost as many adults and we turned three and a half hours into a week’s worth of fun and education.

We started over at Fuller street where the boys enjoyed chasing the chickens, riding the goats, playing in the chicken tractor, and making a lot more noise than all the farm animals put together.  But as soon as it came time for the tour, everyone was all ears (wolf ears the WEBELOS say) and ready to listen.  We showed everyone the hives and they were happy to stand right up close without fear of being stung… and noone was!  Stephanie then found some older dead bees, a male and a female, and showed the boys the difference in the two (see pics in next post).  After that we wandered across the fields to show them what’s growing and teach them a little bit about pest control and water usage.  There were lots of great questions and just as many answers from the WEBELOS themselves.

Next we headed over to Soule fields to have lunch – while we learned about decomposition and compost – and race across the open space.  The adults were too slow of course.  Now here comes the best part… we then planted 4 200-foot rows of potatoes… with free labor! And the labor loved it!  Farmer Dave taught us all the two key rules when planting potatoes… at least 2 eyes (so, as William says, “they can see”) and no smaller than an egg.  We still wound up with many more potatoes than the rows could fill, but we’ll just fit those into the 12 more rows still to be planted… volunteers anyone??

We finished the afternoon at Soule down by the stream – no pictures cause LeeAnn was busy raking in the rows – and with a group picture at the top of the field.  And then for those that were interested (which may have been everybody) we headed back to Fuller for one final chicken run/goat ride.

All in all it was a great day and it was wonderful to see the boys having so much fun with just dirt and fresh air.  I was excited by all their questions, their genuine interest in the answers, and by how much they already knew.  Thanks again Leon for making this happen!

Check out the pictures below that LeeAnn posted and see this link for the WEBELO page and click on photo album for their pics:  BSAPACK22.ORG




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2 responses to “Thanks Beeloo

  1. Jen Cook

    Thanks so much for hosting our Webelos Scouts. The boys (and parents) had a great time learning and experiencing with you.

    Our son Alex was most enthralled with the purple potatoes. Once here at home, he carefully cut his potato in half and planted it as directed. WOW is it growing! We would appreciate any guidelines for planting it outside (location, depth etc.) so that we can harvest a potato or two from his plant. We’d also love to send you a photo – is there an e-mail address we can use?

    Thanks again – Happy Growing!

    :) Jen Cook

  2. ilovealltrees

    Hi Jen,
    we’re glad that you all enjoyed the day. It’s good to know we may have inspired a future farmer. :)
    As for continued care of the potato plant, do you have a spot in your yard where it would get full sun? That would be the best place to plant it. You can start it in a trench or hole about 6 inches deep, you’ll need to keep adding more soil on top of it because the new potatoes will grow above the seed piece. You’re other option is to plant it just below the surface and create a mound of soil as the plant grows. Either way as the plant gets bigger you want to add a few more inches of soil around the plant so any growing potatoes aren’t exposed to light. Keep them well watered, but not soggy, 1 inch of water a week seems to be the standard. Hope that helps, feel free to send us any other questions you have. We would love to see the photo too, you can send it to Let us know how it turns out!!

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