A Rainy Week

So I missed another week of farming while off at work, but you can tell by how full the greenhouse is that people were busy anyway.  In addition,  the strawberries are planted alongside the greenhouse, the pea trellis’ are up, and Steph completed the chicken schooner.  Dave and I spent Saturday afternoon laying lime on the field and mowing down some of the rye grass.  Unfortunatlely, there was still twine in the field from last year’s tomatoes which kept getting tangled up in the mower and we’d have to spend time trying to pull it off.    I’ve got some picture below of our activities and some showing the progress of the transplants in the fields…



The chicken schooner complete!  The tarp area provides the chickens with shade.


Peas coming up at Fuller… the trellis in the background.


Spinach, beets and chard at Fuller.


Cabbage or broccoli – protected with row cover because flea beetles really like these.


loading lime onto the trailer to bring over to Soule.


following Dave’s lime trail from Fuller to Soule…


Garlic’s looking good!


onions getting bigger


I’m driving the tractor while Dave keeps breaking open bags to let the lime fall out onto the field.


Getting the mower ready.


Mowing the rye grass


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