Another week passing us by

Time is flying on the farm, and so was my chicken schooner, which I forgot to add weights to. Luckily the fence caught it before it could do any damage and now it is securely tied down.

Today me and dave transplanted some celery, celeriac, and scallions. This week we also got in some cucumbers, more potatoes, and lettuce. We’re hoping the last frost has passed us by, the theory is that you won’t get a frost after the full moon in May which was May 9th this year.  However it did get down to 35 degrees on tuesday night, luckily everything seems to still be ok. Dave’s been mowing all the rye grass and then harrowing to prepare all the fields, we’ve got lots of transplanting to do these next few weeks. We also plowed up a spot were we’ll be building a raised bed for some herbs.

Animal updates: Lambs are getting big and the mama sheep are shedding like crazy. The first batch of pigs are coming this weekend! Me and Deborah (one of our super volunteers) checked on 2 of the bee hives last week. Things are looking really good in there. We saw eggs and larvae in both and added the second deep hive bodies because they’re filling up the first one fast and we want them to have plenty of room to grow.



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