Pigs are here!

It was a busy weekend.  We started off Friday night with a DELICIOUS dinner at Farmer-Friend Donna’s house.  The next morning, we were up bright and early to collect lobsters from fish-wife and then off to Dover to pick up the pigs.  We got 4 of them and will get more in another month or so.  We set them up on a field over at Soule.  Initially, we’ll keep them in one of the chicken tractors over there – to get used to the space and to give us time to make sure the fences are working, but then we’ll let them loose on the laugh, grow fat and happy field which Dave and Steph planted with good eatin’s for the pigs.  Today, when we were over there working on the fence, Dave managed to get the truck stuck on the way up from the field.  We spent a lot of time dealing with that and so the fence work isn’t complete.  Hopefully tomorrow it will all get set up and the pigs can roam.  

Check out the action in the greenhouse as well.  It’s beautiful!  But right now we have more lettuce, kale, and spinach than we can eat.  The bed down the middle has taken off and we can’t give enough away!  But it’s great to finally start filling up on fresh greens.

P1030205Look at all the green


Saturday required a lot of watering!

P1030204Basil is looking good!

P1030215Tomatoes are ready to go…







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