Thanks Everybody!

Thanks to all the members, friends, and family who came out to join us for transplant day.  It was a great success!  The morning started out a bit questionable – gray skies and a bit of rain – but it turned into a pretty nice day.  We started it off with a tour of Fuller street and visiting with the animals there.  No pictures though cause the mosquitos were insane!  We then headed over to Soule where the work began.  Dave had already dug the furrows for the tomatoes so after the team spread organic fertilizer and Dave gave a lesson on how to lay the plants, everybody got to work.  We worked in teams of three and completed 2 two-hundred and twenty five foot rows pretty quickly, while Dave went off to prepare furrows for the afternoon job.  Then we took a break to play with pigs and enjoy a great lunch of pork shoulder, grilled fresh asparagus, a salad from the garden, fresh bread, a delicious cabbage slaw (thanks Lelah), a wonderful homemade strawberry-rhubarb jelly (thanks Lisa) and cantaloupe (thanks Robin, Jim, Alexandria, and Tristen).  Lunch was followed by leek-planting lessons from Steph and then teams formed to start the, some would say zen and others would say tedious work of separating and then planting hundreds of leeks.  After that we enjoyed coffee with Carol’s delicious chocolate cookies and watermelon, Liz’s lemon zest cookies, strawberry-rhubarb pie from Kathy and Steph’s now famous espresso with black-bean brownies.  All in all it was a great day and we got lots done.  We really appreciate all the help and hope to see you next time!



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