Swarming bees

I know Sasha already thanked everyone, but I would like to say thank you again to everyone who came out on saturday to help us plant. We had a lot of fun, good food, and it was great to get a bunch of stuff transplanted. Me, dave, and john were out again today transplanting more leeks. We also seeded some corn and watered a bunch of stuff, because that rain that everyone else seemed to get this weekend missed us. I also worked for a bit on getting our raised bed set up.

Now for the exciting bee swarming stories…

Donna (a farmer friend) called Dave on sunday to tell him her bees had swarmed and that she might need some help getting them back. Dave and Sasha headed over to find that the bees were about 40-50 feet up in a tree clumped around a huge branch. I joined them a sort time later to find Dave up in the tree, Donna’s husband Scott holding a ladder that was at least 10 feet to short and everyone expressing their opinion on what should be done next. After much debate and trying a few different things Dave was able to cut the branch that the swarm had landed on, tie it to a rope, and slowly lower it down to Donna who was ready to put it in a barrel. To everyone’s surprise Dave managed to do this all without getting stung, despite being surrounded by bees. After Dave was safely out of the tree Donna took the branch out of the barrel and banged it over a new hive she had set up. The update today was that the new hive was looking good.

While we were eating lunch today Bob (our landlord over at fuller) came over to tell Dave that a friend had called because a swarm of bees had landed on a tree in his yard and he was looking for someone to get them out. Dave agreed to help and today after work our crew headed out again. Dave, Donna, Scott, Sasha, and I showed up. This one was a little easier they were only about 15 feet up in the tree an easy reach with a ladder. Once we got the ladder settled in the tree I held a box under the swarm and Dave gave the branch a good shake. Most of the bees landed in the box and the rest soon found their way. At some point this week we’ll try to post some of the pictures from these bee swarming adventures.




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3 responses to “Swarming bees

  1. Trish Rouvel

    I saw some pics on facebook of the swarm. I am not sure if it was the first or second one. Steph, where was your bee suit?

  2. ilovealltrees

    Those were from the second one. The bees are pretty docile when they swarm, I also wasn’t the one actually taking them down.

  3. Great job on the swarm, everyone! That’s the one word that I paled at during bee school this winter. Actually all the “s” words are bad with bees…swarm, supercedure cells…but being on the receiving end of a (docile) swarm is a good thing!

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