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For those of you already familiar with Twitter, check us out at  For everyone else, it’s pretty simple.  People just create updates of up to 140 words about what’s on their mind. You can choose to ‘follow’ people, so you’re staying in touch with what they’re saying.  We’ll be talking about updates on the market or CSA, maybe talking about what’s coming that week or how things went.

As for how things are on the farm, well…. they’re wet!  The greens are loving it but we’re hoping for some sun before tomato season.  The weeds are having a ‘field day’ because one of our common methods of weeding, hoeing things up on the field and letting them dry out, isn’t working given the rain.  The weeds just get watered down and re-root.  We can still hand-weed, taking the whole weed plants off the field, but that’s a lot slower and we can’t get as much done.

Snap peas have been a hit at the CSA and market the past week and now the shelling peas are here!  We’re eating as many as we pick and quite stuffed at the end of the day, but there’s nothing like cracking open a pea just picked off the vine and scraping the 8 or so peas from the shell.  They are sweet and delicious!

So we’re keeping our spirits up.  Just remember… no rain… no food!



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