CSA Share Wednesday June 24th


This includes the egg share, the bread share – which was a baguette and an herb de south coast miche – and the organic processed goods share – which was an herbed vinegar.

Veggies included:

2 lettuce, 2 pac choi, 1 bunch green lance (asian green), garlic scapes, turnips and greens (everyone thinks they’re radishes), 1 1/2 pounds snap peas



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5 responses to “CSA Share Wednesday June 24th

  1. The salad turnips are not only beautiful but delicious as well! Thanks for growing them.

  2. Cindy Kane

    Can I ask how you prepare the salad turnips? New to the turnip world myself…

    • ilovealltrees

      Hi Cindy, I usually just eat them raw sliced up in salad. Sasha cooked some in a stew this weekend, and that was tasty too. Hope that helps.

    • farmerwife

      You can also cook the greens. They’re bitter – like mustard greens – but are good sauteed in olive oil (with garlic of course!). Another idea for the turnips is to roast or grill them with olive oil and salt. I haven’t done this yet – I did it with the radishes – but I’m sure it’s good.

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