What’s up with the veggies?

Thought I’d give you a quick update on where the crops stand (to the best of my often-at-the-computer-and-not-in-the fields-knowledge).

As you may know, greens really liked all the rain, so we had great spinach, arugula, and lettuce.  Now the spinach and arugula are gone, and the lettuce is slowing down some.  We’ll hopefully plant more arugla soon – need to get a bed ready – but spinach will wait till the fall, given it doesn’t like the hot weather and we just KNOW we’re gonna get lots of that.  Anyway, we’ve had plenty of swiss chard which is a good substitute for spinach.  The chard is finally starting to slow down – smaller leaves in the bunches if you’ve noticed, so we may plant more of that.  The green cabbage came on strong, but we didn’t have a whole lot of that, so I hope you enjoyed it.  I don’t know the plan on that, but the red is still coming and I imagine there will be more.

We’re finally done with the radishes – may be a relief to some of you.  The ones there now are getting eaten by bugs.  But the salad turnips are still doing well.  Not sure how much longer that will last.  I’m getting pretty tired of harvesting them though – I always wind up with that job – so I hope it’s not too much longer.

Some of you have seen squash – zuccini, patty pan, geodes, and summer squash.  We hope to see a lot more, but they like heat and we’ve had some cool nights.  Once our summer really comes, we’ll be overrun with squash.

We just dug our first potatoes!  Delicious creamy red new potatoes. We’ll probably start digging more of those so you may see them in your shares and Harvard has already seen them at market.  We also brought our first green onions to market.  They’re young and fresh enough that you can chop and eat the whole stem.  We may take it slow in harvesting these to let more of them fully mature.

Our peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants are looking good, but these too require heat!  So we’re still hoping for some really bountiful and delicious crops, but we need the sun to keep coming and the nights to warm up.  They’ll be later this year than usual.

As both market and CSA has seen, we’ve got carrots!  A variety of colors and you can expect more of those.  Garlic as well.  For those of you that have tried it, it’s green and new so very juicy!  The snap peas were finished a week or two ago and it looks like the shelling peas are on their last legs.  But we had an exceptionally long peas season, so we can’t complain.

Herbs are abundant, and the flowers are starting to pop.  Zinnias have been a huge hit at market and we were even able to bring a few dahlia’s yesterday.  The CSA members should get to pick their own soon.

I don’t know the story on beets.  The ones at Fuller have been great but not enough for CSA, so we brought them to market.  We have lots more planted at Soule and I would hope those should be coming in soon.  But no promises… I need to check with Farmer Dave.

The weather has been great for harvesting and market.  The sun is hear and the humidity has held off.  But it shouldn’t take long till the crew goes from complaining about the rain to complaining about the heat – myself included.  It can be tough out in the fields on a hot day.  But we’re ready for it!

Thanks again for all the support.  Keep eating.



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  1. Martianne

    Good to know what’s coming and whatnot… Your photos are gorgeous!! They make the farm life seem so idyllic — even if we know the realities of your rain, heat and bee sagas to some degree ;)… Thank you all not only for sharing the CSA with us through the fresh, delicious produce each week, but also through this new blog. It’s fun for the kids and us to check out sometimes… We, too, third the comments of others that it is good to know what we might get in upcoming shares in order to help with menu planning. But, surprises are fun, too!

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