Lotsa garlic

The week ends with the crew pulling just under 6000 heads of garlic.  As I type this, Farmer Dave is over at Soule tying the last 1000.  He’ll bring those back here to hang in our barn.  The first 3 or 4 thousand are hanging in the Fuller Street barn.  But we believe you can never have enough garlic!  Several of you helped out last year for our garlic planting party – it was great fun with a shoulder cooked on the grill, lentil soup, and lots of other good eatin’!  Hope you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Dave and I are actually taking most of the day off tomorrow (unheard of really) to join farmer friend Donna and family down at Nickerson State Park on the cape.  We’re looking forward to some rest, although leading up to it is hard since there’s so much to get done and it’s never finished.

It was a hot day and we’re hoping the tomatoes noticed!  The flowers, too, are in great need of heat and sun.  We know the CSA members are eager to start building their bouquets and we’re hoping next week allows that.

Not sure what’s in plan for next week yet, but I’ll be buggin’ the boss on Monday and try and provide a preview.


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