Starting to think ahead to fall

We’ve been doing a lot of seeding this past week now that the field has dried up a bit. We put more radishes, turnips, carrots, and beets in the ground over at soule. We also planted some beans over there, and hopefully the rabbits won’t find these ones. The earlier plantings at fuller have been getting devoured.   We’ve also been seeding a bunch of kales, collards, broccoli, and cabbage in the greenhouse for some fall brassicas. It seems strange to be thinking of fall when it has just started to feel like summer. Hopefully we’ll get some of the field at fuller ready this week or next so we can get more arugula and spinach in the ground.

There are some small peppers showing up on the pepper plants. It may be awhile yet before we have enough to give out to the CSA, but they’re on their way.  A few tomatoes are starting to show a bit of color, but again it’ll still be a bit before we’ll have enough to distribute. The eggplant are still behind, no fruits yet. The flowers are coming on strong, especially the salvia (the pink white and purple flowers up by the road). The corn is looking beautiful and growing quickly, the silks are out and little ears are starting to form. We’re really trying this year to get some nice corn, but we still can’t promise no bugs.

We’ve got some nice size acorn squash almost ready to harvest (we planted some a bit too early). Our third atempt at cucumbers is looking really good. We’ve also got a few from the second planting which might be ready by next week.



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