Who Needs Tomatoes?!

Well… we all do really.  But we’re determined to make the best without them.  As Farmer Dave said, they’re toast.  We’re starting to accept this and move on to other things!

This week the shares got simply delicious sweet corn.  It’s our best crop ever in fact.  I hope everyone enjoys.  And although it’s unlikely the potatoes will last, we’ve had more already this year than we have in the past three.  And those too are wonderful.

The focus is now on the fall.  That would seem strange in early August, except this beautiful crisp air is a helpful reminder.  This week the crew was preparing fields and planting new crops for later in the season: Cabbage, turnips, radish, carrots and beans, as well as more lettuce.  Folks may not see lettuce for a while as there have been some hot days, and more expected, and that causes the lettuce to bolt.  But more later.  Last week we planted some arugula which seems to be growing well.

The flowers are in full bloom and CSA members have been filling up their buckets.  Slicing cucumbers have finally arrived!  Our peppers are thriving and it looks like the eggplant is just about there.

I’m not sure we’ll truly get over the loss of the tomatoes – and we’re going to be on the hunt with our other organic farmer friends to see how they do, as we may need to buy some for ourselves to can for the winter – but there’s no point in crying over rotten tomatoes.  So enjoy the cherries and plums that have so far avoided the blight and have some sweet corn.



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