Bees are thriving

This past weekend, Farmer Dave checked on all four hives.  For those of you that have followed the blog, it’s been an interesting year for us with bees.  After ‘rescuing’ a swarm for farmer friend Donna of Web of Life Organic Farm, Dave was called to another home in Middleboro with a swarm from somewhere else.  We rescued those and added a new hive.  Since then, we’ve had one hive swarm twice – both times leaving working bees in the hive.  We managed to successfully recapture one swarm and now have four hives.  They’re producing at various rates, but all hives seem to have queens and one now has two deeps and two supers – so we’re hoping for some good honey this fall!

P1050770Farmer Dave blows smoke into the hive to hopefully relax the bees and keep them more settled as he checks the hive.

P1050775If you look closely, you can see the honey glistening.


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