September is almost here

So we just finished week 12 of our 20 week CSA… we’re over the halfway point!  We had hoped to celebrate with our annual Farm Day, but sadly – due to Tropical Storm Danny – that will have to wait until later in September.  The new date is Saturday, September 26th from 12 – 3 at Fuller Street.  The good news is the Lindsay’s are still available to play and we should have lots of winter squash by then, so we can expect a different mix of dishes.

For those of you for whom this is your first year with the CSA, we hope you’re enjoying it, but also that you realize there’s a big difference due to the blight.  Farmer Dave is a tomato-man at heart and just happens to grow the best heirloom tomatoes on the planet.  And lots of them!  So typically, alongside your 35 cucumbers, 17 pounds of squash, and various other goodies – or perhaps in place of some of them – you would have been receiving a hefty share of tomatoes.  In addition, we often offer the “seconds” for free for those of you that like canning.  So we hope you stick around for next year to see what it can be like.

In the meantime, there are many signs that fall is coming.  Aside from the cooler temperatures… oh wait… didn’t we have those most of the summer?  And the kids going back to school, we’re starting to see our mums in bloom, fast-growing turkeys, and lots of winter squash.  We pulled up a bunch on Friday, in advance of the storm, to store in the greenhouse.

For those of you that pick-up on Friday, you also should have noticed a pile of watermelons.  We hope you enjoyed them and that they were ripe.  They’re not as sweet as usual because they like hot dry weather and I’m not exactly sure what that is anymore.  But we had to pull many of them Friday because with the oncoming storm they were likely to absorb the water and split open.  Wednesday folks will hopefully get their melons this week.

I’ve been busy “shelling” hundreds of garlic heads to dehydrate for garlic powder.  First we had to separate all the cloves (thanks Alex and Tristen for your help!).  Then we put those on the 8 racks of the dehydrator to partially dry.  This made it very easy – although time-consuming – to peel all the cloves.  When they’re partially dry, the skins come right off.  We’ve now put them back in the dehydrator and soon they should be brittle enough to stick in a food-processor and … viola!  Fresh Plato’s Harvest garlic powder!  Wish us luck.






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