CSA Share Wednesday September 3rd

What a beautiful day!  And it should remain perfect at least through Monday.  Hope you’re all enjoying this perfect weather.


Beans, sweet peppers, potatoes, garlic, arugula, spicy salad mix, turnip, radish, cucumber, beets, and watermelon!  Also featured here, our egg share, bread share (2 – count them 2! – dipping breads), and a beautiful pickled chard stem from Web of Life.



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5 responses to “CSA Share Wednesday September 3rd

  1. dshugrue

    Beautiful pix and posts. Keep them coming!!!

  2. ogfarmerswife

    Thanks Dan… Sorry I missed you on Monday! Hope you guys can make farm day on the 26th.

  3. Colette Bell

    Are the Wed. share & Fri. share different, I’ve noticed a couple differences from time to time, just curious.

    • ogfarmerswife

      Hi Colette – They often are different. It really depends on mother nature and the crops. We take what’s abundant. Dave works hard to ensure everybody gets their “fair share”. So one week Friday might get watermelon and the next week Wednesday might. Last week Wednesday got arugla and spicy salad mix and Friday only got spicy salad mix. This week, that will likely swap.

      • Colette Bell

        I was just curious….we’re always very happy w/what we get!!! Sometimes I peak @ the Wed. post to get an idea of what we might getting, that’s what got me curious. I might have a couple friends joining csa next year, because I’ve been talking to everyone about how wonderful it is! Thanks again!!

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