There’s a new cow in town

Some of you may have noticed, and others were even brave enough to ask… “is that a new cow?”.   And perhaps the hesitation to ask came from the fact that you knew our existing two cows to be steers (cow-talk for boys) and you were pretty sure the laws of nature not only applied to people, and birds, and bees, but cows too.  So how, with two steers, could we now have three? And even more important… why would the new cow look so different?

Well… let us end the mystery here.  We do in fact have a new cow.  And new cow is not like the old cows.  Our first two cows are Simmentals.  That’s a cow breed.  New cow is a Guernsey.  Guernseys are typically bred (that means picked, raised, … mated) for milk production.  And that’s in fact how we came by new cow.  We get raw milk sometimes from our friend Yogi.  And Yogi is not a bear.  Yogi is a man.  A man with cows.  Guernseys in fact.  And Yogi had a steer.  Steers don’t do well making milk.  You know… cause they’re boys.  So, no milk… meat.  Meaning we took on new cow to let him finish his happy grass-filled days here at Plato’s Harvest with old cow 1 and 2.

So please welcome new cow if you get a chance.  He’s brought the ‘moo’ to Plato’s Harvest.  Where as his two new friends, old cow 1 & 2, are pretty quiet, new cow makes his presence known quite loud and often with a deep resonant “mooooo”.



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