Stock up for winter!

It’s officially fall.  And although that’s my favorite time of year, it also means the CSA will be coming to an end soon (only 4 more weeks after this one!) and that winter comes next.  What will we all do without fresh veggies every week?

Don’t worry… all is not lost!  If you’ve been wondering why every week you seem to go home with more garlic, and more potatoes, it’s because these things last!  Don’t worry if you can’t eat it all right now.  That’s not the point.  The point is that we can leave you with some things to remember us buy in the cold, dark days to come.

Stick your unused potatoes in a paper bag and keep them in a cooler part of the house.  Keep the garlic out of the light as well – in a paper bag or basket.  The winter squash will also keep… same idea here – dark and cool.

You’ll be grateful in January to add some local veggies to your meal and to reminisce about the joyous visits to Plato’s Harvest with the goats, sheep, cows, chickens, turkeys and mosquitoes.


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  1. mmstanger

    Winter?! Oh no! Not yet… Not after such a gorgeous fall day at the farm. Thank you so much for hosting your annual potluck farm day again today. It was such a relaxing, enjoyable and warm way to spend an early autumn day. The food, the music, the company, the hay ride, the opportunity for the kids to play together… Just perfect! We love and appreciate all you do at Plato’s Harvest. Thank you!

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