As many of you know, our annual farm day had special meaning this year in that it was the last day Steph would be with us on the farm.  She’s now up in Pinkham Notch in the White Mountains with her fall job.  Steph has been with the farm from the beginning and has watched (and helped) as Plato’s Harvest has grown into what it is today.  We are grateful for everything she’s done.

In addition, she’s lived in our home – and been one of my favorite roommates – on and off for the past 4 years.  I already miss our morning conversations while I laze around, having only school work to do, and she winds up late for work on the farm.  And the many cooking experiences where she burns her toast or rice, or forgets key ingredients, or adds very strange ingredients, or winds up with a simply delicious, but unique, brownie, cake, salad, or something else.  And I miss us cooking together where she chops the onions while I peel garlic, or she makes the salad while I make soup, or we share the job of chopping up whatever’s left from CSA to add to some made-up dish. I miss her sense of humor and her receptiveness to my sarcasm.  I miss her jokes about her spaghetti arms and threats to arm wrestle.  We don’t miss the disappearing forks and glasses which she either hides in her room or sells on ebay.  But I do miss her subtle lectures or comments that convey her deep concern for the environment and how all of our behaviors impact it (ok… I guess I don’t miss that, but it’s so Steph).  I miss washing vegetables with her while we prepare for one of the markets, and our battles on whether or not to lay out the CSA shares clockwise or counter-clockwise (she always won).  She’s been a great help and a great friend.











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