A Perfect Garlic Day

Sunday was take one of garlic day (take two is next weekend assuming good weather).  Just like last year, the day was perfect!  Mid-60’s and sunny.  We had a great, if rolling, turnout.  We started the morning around 10:30 breaking up the Russian Red while we snacked on bagels and muffins.  The Red filled one bed.  We then did the Music and then broke for a delicious lunch of ham from the grill we dragged out to the field, lentil soup (or more like lentil stew), and a great salad with our mixed greens, wheat berries, and lots of other good stuff – plus some Mayflower Pale Ale from the Plymouth Brewery.  Some left, some showed up and we finished the 3500 cloves with some German Extra Hearty.  We then moved on to dig a row of potatoes, finish off some red wine, and then pick all the peppers and eggplant before the frost.

It was a great day and we thank everyone for their help and company!





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  1. Ooops! We missed it! We were all set – and the kids very excited – to go on the Saturday it got rained out, but neglected to ask (or to read the blog) to know about rescheduling. Anyway, if you do Pt 2 and need a hand, let us know. We’d be happy to join in.

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