Cable comes to Plato’s Harvest

We are lucky to have a CSA member also creating her own local cable show – Healthy Living.  Tracy Renee Miller lives just down the street and asked to feature our organic farm and CSA as her first segment (we’ll post more info when we know airing times).  She joined us during Wednesday’s CSA to film Dave talking about the farm and animals and why and how he manages everything organically.

He talked about the importance, and heart of organic farming, which is protecting and enhancing the soil through natural fertilizers such as compost (thanks chickens, goats, lambs and cows!) and cover crops and the importance of crop timing, rotation, and row cover as methods of protecting against pests – although not perfect, as some of you may notice some holes in your pak choi leaves!  We entered the “animal farm” where the turkeys did their best to get their few moments of fame, and Dave discussed the health values of raising the animals naturally and feeding them foods they were born to eat.

We had several CSA members willing to say a few words on camera about why they participate in and appreciate the CSA so thanks to Joe, Laurie, Wendy, Jason, and Lisa!  A few pictures below.  As always, more on the flickr link to the right.




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