Wednesday’s Share and the Frost

Next week is the last week of the CSA!  So folks got lots of squash and potatoes which they can keep into winter and pull out when they’re missing their weekly visits to the farm.  Wednesday’s share also included mizuna, arugula, pak choi, garlic, sweet peppers, turnips and carrots as well as pick-your-own beans.  Members also helped themselves to leftover eggplant and hot peppers.  Some folks even managed to find some of the few remaining flowers…

The frost has come and so the flowers are on their way out. We also will no longer have peppers and eggplants.  Dave covered the beans with row-cover which protects them from the frost, which is why they’re still good for the picking.  The arugula, and also mizuna, kale, collards, mustard and tatsoi – which you get in your saute mix – are all hearty brassicas so will continue to grow for a couple more months.  The carrots, turnip and radish are also somewhat immune to the cold.  If we’re lucky, we’ll be able to pull some leeks next week, but sadly the cabbage hasn’t yet formed, so that may not come in until after the CSA.  Obviously the potatoes, squash and garlic are in good shape, as they were already digged, picked and pulled and fare well in a cellar or dark corner.

basket compliments of Wendy Hale – flowers from Laurie Hepworth…



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