Thanks giving

We had dinner at a friends a few of weeks ago.  Before we ate, she asked her 5-year old if he wanted to “say it”.  He shyly shook his head and said “no mama… you”.  Our friend proceeded with “thank you pig.  thank you cow.  thank you farmer for the hard work.  for the delicious meal we’re going to share with friends and family”.  These were our pig, cow, and farmer.  And I was moved by the thanks.  Not the thanks to “my farmer”, as little Tyler refers to him, but to the animals.  And I try to remember to do the same now as we sit down to enjoy the work of the summer.  We try to give our pigs, cows, chickens, lambs and turkeys good lives, and not only do we enjoy the nourishment they provide, but also the joy they bring during their life on the farm.  So thank you pig. Thank you cow.  Thank you chicken.  Thank you lamb. And thank you Turkey.




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2 responses to “Thanks giving

  1. megan

    thank you farmers, thank you pigs, thank you hens, thank you deeelicious chicken at Jenny’s house Saturday night.

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