Thanksgiving Shares

We had a little ‘barn party’ on Tuesday for the 25 or so people who came to pick up their Thanksgiving share.  We spent two days harvesting – two rainy days of course… reminiscent of the summer – and filled the barn with root vegetables, greens, and more.  The turkeys went off for harvest Tuesday morning and were back to the farm by 3:00 – the largest weighing in at 40 pounds!!  Next year, we’ll get them later and maybe feed them less.  Leftovers are always good, but 40 pounds?

The share was made up of 1 pac choi, 2 big bunches of carrots, a half pound bag of arugula and a half pound bag of mixed lettuce, 2 heads of cabbage, 4 garlic, 2 pounds of leeks, 3 pounds of turnips, 1 bunch of kale or mustard greens, 10 pounds of potatoes, 6 pounds of squash and 1 dozen eggs!  Much of this will keep if you didn’t manage to use it all for your Thanksgiving feast.

We have one more field harvest to go – for the December market, and then no more field work!  We’ve been lucky with the mild November.  Looking at the field you’d think it’s late September.  But digging carrots, leeks and turnips, and cutting and washing arugula and lettuce on a cold rainy day is not the best part of farming.  Thanks so much to the many volunteers who helped harvest and to my Aunt Lynn for helping set up and manage the pick-up.  We hope you all enjoy the bounty!




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