Snow comes to Plato’s Harvest

So the weather wasn’t with us once again.  A couple weeks ago, the slaughterhouse called to ask if we could push out the delivery of the cows for one week.  That meant we would bring them today – Sunday December 20th… day of the blizzard – instead of last Sunday.  So we called our friend Yogi who helps us with the transport, and he said ‘no problem’.  No problem?

Yesterday he dropped off the trailer and we backed it up to the pasture so we could feed the cows inside it and get them used to getting in it.  Turns out it also works as a shelter – although not a great one.  But there was no way they were traveling today.  We got permission to bring them tomorrow, and then after an hour or so of working to get the truck out this morning, we headed over to Fuller to check on the poor, cold, wet cows, feed them, and plow out for tomorrow.  Luckily we had our super tractor, which did the job, and then Dave drove it home through snow and cold to finish the plowing here.

I guess it’s good news that they go tomorrow and we won’t need to treck over there every day and wade through 17 inches of snow to feed them.  We still have the chickens to take care of, but starting in January our kind landlords, who live across the street from the farm, have agreed to handle those in exchange for the eggs.

And in two weeks we will be awash in delicious cuts of beef!



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2 responses to “Snow comes to Plato’s Harvest

  1. Great photo’s Sasha! Will you be selling beef at the PLymouth Winter Market?

    • ogfarmerswife

      Probably… we’re trying to sell off some quarter cows if your interested, but if they don’t go, then we’ll have some at Plymouth!

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