Johnny’s Seed

Several times a week, since February, the UPS man arrives at our door.  And despite the fact that I haven’t ordered anything, I get excited… like maybe it’s for me… some surprise gift.   My birthday’s in March – maybe someone sent me something.  Or maybe I forgot I ordered something and I’m going to love it when I see it.  But each time I pick up the box and shake it, and it’s that same sound… seed.  You think I’d learn.

This happens every spring, and every spring several weeks go by with boxes piling up in the entry room to our house until I stack them up and stick them in another room – behind a couch or chair – hoping people won’t wander too far once inside and wonder what the white boxes are stacked conspicuously behind the furniture.  But slowly the stacks unstack.  The boxes open.   Seed packets appear, as if by magic, on the coffee table, kitchen table, counters and desks.  They are on the move.  It’s their annual migration to the greenhouse.

There is no direct route on this migration, and I have yet to discover the meaning behind all of it.  I’m sure it’s as simple as asking my husband, but then again, that is never simple.  I might get a grunt, or a couple words, but given that the process is obvious to him, I’m unlikely to get a full explanation.  But whatever the reasons, why ever they wish to first rest in the kitchen or hang out on the banister, they will eventually make it outside.  And once they are there they rejoice.

Black gold is everywhere.  In bags on pallets, in bags on the floor, spread out on the newly built potting table, filling flats, and lining the bed.  Each seed hopes it will be the next to slide from the packet onto the seeding device to bounce gently down and land  in the soft, rich potting soil that will nourish it for the coming weeks and months.

So far there have been many lucky seeds.  As you saw in the last post, onions and leeks are well on their way.  More recently the cabbage has completed the journey from warehouse to greenhouse, getting started early so as to be ready for the CSA.  Lettuce and spinach abound, hoping to soak up the nutrients and possibly make a showing for the May farmers’ market.  Parsley and fennel have also joined the land of the lucky and are soaking up the warm sun and longer days.


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  1. Will

    Johnny’s is the only place to buy seeds. Great selection and service. Nice choice.

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