A week’s worth of work

Yesterday, 20 or so volunteers joined us on the fields of Soule to help plant onions, potatoes, and leeks.

The potato crew started by sorting out the smaller potatoes and slicing the larger potatoes into two or three pieces, ensuring each piece had at least two ‘eyes’.  They then split up and planted everything down a total of 11 rows – there are about 50 pounds of potatoes per row.  We planted Carolla, Kennebec, Austrian Crecent, All Blues, Yukon Gold, Desiree, Cannela, and more.

While we were busy with the potatoes, another crew tackled the onion sets – sets mean small onions, versus starting from seed and transplanting the plant.  Dave used his new water wheel transplanter to create the holes and the team went along after him planting a total of about 6000 sets.

Then it was lunch time!  To our surprise, just about everything was done.  We had expected this work to last well into the afternoon, but we had a great turn-out and everyone was efficient.  So after some delicious home-grown roasted turkey, pesto pasta, fresh green salad, a spicy rice dish, fruit, chips, pasta salad, and more, Dave went back for more water for the transplanter, and we took to the leeks.  While some folks raked the potato bed, some divided up leek plants while others took turns sitting on the back of the transplanter and planting the leeks.   We completed the last two beds, three rows each, for a total of 2400 leeks.

Overall it was an incredible day.  Sunny, breezy, upper-70s, a great group of people and a lot of fun.  Thanks to all that helped!!


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