Leeks, Swiss Chard, Lettuce & Escarole

On Wednesday Steph returned to help Dave, Claire and I finish the leeks at Soule and fill some beds at Fuller with swiss chard, lettuce, and escarole.  We met at Fuller and I got to drive the big tractor over to Soule where we finished sorting the leeks.  Dave then pulled the three of us in the transplanter while we got them in the ground.

After that, we had lunch in the field and then headed back to Fuller – Steph on the cub, Dave on the big tractor, Claire driving the truck, and me riding in the trailer keeping an eye, and a hand, on the water tank.  At Fuller, we popped all the swiss chard, lettuce, and escarole out of their flats to make them easier to transplant.  While Steph was busy eating the transplants, Dave used the Super C to prepare the fields.  For a couple of beds we only did two rows of plants, so two of us would ride the transplanter while the third continued popping plants.  We had some leftover lettuce, so we hand planted that half-way up the row of escarole.

When that was finished, Dave used the cub to dig  trenches for the dahlia’s and the four of us  layed peat in the rows, placed the dahlias on top, and covered them with soil.  It was a dirty job but will be well worth it come summer.

All of the transplants are looking great!  Dave found a new place to get potting soil this year and, although more expensive, it seems to make a huge difference in the health of the plants.



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2 responses to “Leeks, Swiss Chard, Lettuce & Escarole

  1. mmstanger

    Planting looked fun and everything looks like it is going to be yummy again this year. I am already missing the fact that we aren’t doing the CSA this year, due to the baby coming, Mike being away for a while just as the season starts and the baby makes me too huge to attempt coralling Luke and Nina while doing pick ups, and all… Please post when you start doing markets, so we can enjoy some of the fruits of your labor anyway.

  2. Christina

    Reading your blog makes me miss the farm so much- and we only new Plato’s Harvest for a short few weeks. We have found a new CSA in Texas but picking up at a Whole Foods is not the same as going to the farm! Have a wonderful growing season.

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