Tomato weather… a farmer’s friend?

Today and yesterday were the kind of days tomato’s love.  Hot. Sunny.  No rain.  And last year it’s all we wanted.  As each new day brought more cold, more clouds, more rain, we dreamed of the hot beating sun on our backs and suggested to each other that  that was the kind of weather we loved!  And to be fair, we will take these hot sunny, tomato-loving days over last year’s blight-inducing wet.  But…

These are the days you’ve really got to respect the farmer and the crew.  I joined Dave, Claire, Esther and Jaimie out in the fields for just a few hours this afternoon.  (I have the lucky excuse of having homework to complete and blogs to write)  And a few hours was enough!  It’s true, I’m not quite “back in farming shape”  since I’ve been busy with school, but this heat, on a wide-open field, with no hope of escaping the sun, with your back bent, and your arms full of tomato plants is enough to wear anyone out.  And when you finally do kneel down on the ground to rest your back and fill the soil in around the plant, that dark, soft, nutrient-rich, life giving soil – which, by the way,  has been absorbing the sun all day – burns right through your nifty new overalls to scorch your knees and make you pop back up and bend your back again.

But it’s not all bad.  You learn to really appreciate things.  I mean really.  Like a long, cold drink of water.  That sounds simple.  It’s sounds like I’m just talking about a long cold drink of water.  But there’s actually music that plays when I say that.  And colors.  Bright colors.  And singing.  That’s what the experience of a long cold drink of water is really like.  And that’s what I was lucky enough to experience today.

And that’s why tomato weather really is a farmer’s friend.


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  1. mmstanger

    Love this post and, though, I have anything but a green thumb and have not been planting tomoatoes, I had a similar reaction after bending and lifting my burgeoning third-trimester body to take in hung (and covered with pollen!) laundry yesterday between running up our small, yet steep front-to-back yard hill to keep the kids away from open manhole and drain covers as their curiosity got the best of them when a town worker came to inspect our street. Simple things. Simple gratitude. So many blessings.

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