More on the joys of farming

Yesterday was PERFECT!  Again – this from someone who only joined the team at 3:30 for a little bit of clean up at Soule, a ride on the tractor, and some row-cover removal at Fuller – but still, 70 degrees, sunny and breezy? Hard to complain.

The best part came at Fuller though.  It’s been hot, right?  So the plants get hot too.  Particularly those under the row cover.  (Row cover is a thin white filmy cover that we put up on hoops over certain plants.  It keeps the bugs out but lets the sun in and you can water right through it.)  The row cover can tend to trap some heat – I’m not really sure how, perhaps magic, maybe physics… I always thought white deflected heat! – but anyway, the broccoli doesn’t love heat and it was time to take the white stuff off.  So we pulled the staples – long metal staples that you push into the ground through the row cover to keep it from blowing away – and as we pushed the row cover off each bed, our eyes were delighted with the view of lush red and green and rich bountiful goodness!

One bed contained Kohlrabi growing up between two rows of fennel.  Everything looked GREAT!  Then there was a bed of all broccoli – a few of which had bolted, but mostly standing strong.  And then two beds of cabbage.  “Two beds!!??” you say!  “That must be 1,000 cabbage!!??”.  Indeed it is.  So CSA members prepare.  Market goers, think “cole slaw”.   There’s some red, some green, but all gorgeous and getting close to forming heads.

So after absorbing the beauty of so much fresh, farm-grown food, we went to picking.  Esther mentioned that she was going to pick some broccoli leaves and make broccoli greens.  “What?!” we thought “Broccoli greens??”.  And then “But of course!  Why not?”.  And we added Kohlrabi leaves to the list and filled our bags.

Dinner consisted of lamb leg steak, risotto, and two plates of above-mentioned greens.  Both were great – you need to saute them down for a while – but the kohlrabi were my favorite.  They tasted just like collard greens.

Happy eating


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