When the water runs brown

That’s the best kind of shower.  It means it’s been a long, hot day and that you got something done.  Sweat is a natural adhesive.  And dirt naturally adheres.  So when you’re sweating, and hanging out in the dirt, you come home a little covered.  And when you jump in the nice cool shower, the water runs brown.

Today was hot.  And I loved it.  I met my parents at Fuller Street for their work share and we drove over to Soule to catch up with the rest of the crew – Liz, Dave, Jen, and Jamie.  After finishing up the squash, we all picked cucumbers for the CSA and then it was time to pull garlic.

Have you had our garlic?  I know some of you have.  You come back each week to the market for more, or you smile when you see it on the CSA pick-up list.  And we love it too.  It’s good.  I mean really good!  So last fall a whole bunch of you came out and helped us plant what eventually amounted to 9,000 garlic.  And they’re ready to pull!

Today we pulled 1,500 or so in the first round (Dave, Jamie and Jen went back for more) and it was dirty work!  If you’re smart, you kneel down, but if you’re me, or Dad, or Jamie, or sometimes Jen, you bend at the waist, grab the garlic close to the ground, and gently but firmly pull.  And as the garlic come out, the dirt flies.  And sticks.  You sweat. You pull.  You use your hands to break the extra dirt from the bulb.  You keep sweating.  And keep pulling.  And get dirtier and dirtier.  And it feels great!

I’ve heard people in hot land wear a lot of covering and drink hot tea.  They don’t fight the heat.  They accept it.  And feel less hot because of it.  That was today.  Maybe I didn’t feel less hot, but the heat felt great.  It just was.  And when I got home, it was all worth it, cause the water ran brown.



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3 responses to “When the water runs brown

  1. Ellen

    I love that you love what you’re doing!

  2. Susan

    I really have no words. You are amazing. Your words are amazing.

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