Easy like Sunday morning

I figured it out!  See, I’m tired.  A lot lately.  And I know farming is hard.  Didn’t we spend the last hundred years trying to move away from farming to find more free time?  And I realize I’m still adjusting to the schedule (I should be good and ready by November).  But it’s more than that.  Yes it’s been 90 degrees, sunny and humid. every minute.  of every day.  and night. for weeks.  and that too is a factor, but it’s more than that.  It’s Sunday mornings.

So for all my romantic talk about an integrated life, no set schedule, blah blah blah…. I’m coming up on 40 years of training for weekends.  Weekends are time to rest.  And I’ve worked hard to learn how to be good at weekends.  Good at rest.  And if we’d gone to school for weekends, I would have graduated top of my class!  So I get really good at something, and then what?  I quit my job and take up farming and we decide to do a CSA on a Saturday.  Saturday, by the way, is the weekend.

But overall that’s ok.  I look forward to Saturday mornings.  It’s quiet on the farm while we harvest for the CSA.  Then it’s full of voices and laughter as our CSA members arrive.  Owen comes to see the goats and say hi to farmer Dave.  Leo hangs out with me while his Dad does all the pick-your-own.  It’s nice.  Relaxing.  And I’ve gotten into that routine and enjoy it.  Because, after all, there is still Sunday.

Sunday mornings are my entire weekend wrapped up into a few hours.  Not only do I get to sleep in (maybe 7:30?) but so does Dave (he might be in bed till 7 on a really good day).  And then there is no rush.  Usually I get up at 6:00 or 7:00 and if Dave isn’t gone, he’s getting ready to go.  But not Sundays.  Sundays, there he is.  Hasn’t even made breakfast yet.  And if we’re lucky, we have some fresh raw milk and he makes pancakes!  On a pancake day we might not sit down until 9:00 for breakfast.  And we sit down together.  At the table.  Looking at one another.  And talking.  It’s everything a weekend should be.  No matter that by 10 he’s out the door to do some stuff on the farm, and occasionally I might even be with him.  Those few hours are enough to give me my weekend.

But the reason I’m so tired lately is I’ve missed two Sunday mornings in a row.  For great and fun things – a 24-hour power vacation with my husband joining our dear Web of Life friends at Nickerson State Park for a night of camping, and a wonderful night in NH at a lake house with my childhood friend.  But still… no Sunday morning.  And with my weekend of rest down to 2 or 3 precious hours, it can be tough to miss.


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