And then there were none

or at least, far fewer.

Just as I was finally letting go of the tomato depression effect (the need to horde them, the memory of scarcity, the disbelief that blight wouldn’t strike tomorrow taking them all away), just as I was getting to the point where I could actually complain about having to pick more tomatoes, there are very few tomatoes to pick.

Our Saturday CSA members went from 10 pounds of a variety of huge and beautiful heirlooms in their share last week along with a table-full of extras, to 2 pounds of small hybrids with just a few crates of extras this week.  The rains have ended and we’ve added more ties to the rows of heirlooms, so we’re hoping with this next heat wave that the bounty returns.

In the meantime, it’s all about melons!  I never thought I could get full on melon… not want another bite of cantaloupe… say no to watermelon.  But I can.  All of those things can happen.  We’ve had fields full of ripe, sweet, truly delicious melons.  The best melons I’ve ever tasted.  We eat them in the field, at the market, during CSA pickup, in the car, at home.  Until we can’t eat anymore.  CSA members go home with 20 pounds of melon or more.  These too will be gone very soon, but it’s been an incredible season!

Next up, winter squash.  Everything’s already ready.  The field is full of ripe pumpkins… in August!


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