A Hot Week

The week started out blazing hot.  And it ended that way too.  Jen and I decided it was definitely the worst heat wave of the season.  And it was combined with confused expectations.  One week earlier, we were standing in the pouring rain at the Harvard Square market, dripping wet and freezing.  The next week, I could hardly stand up for the heat.

By Wednesday we’d had it.  Or at least I had.  After my morning Local Foods work, I met my Mom at the farm.  We joined Jen, Dave, and Liz who were already covered in dirt from digging fingerling potatoes.  We grabbed our crates, chose our spots in the row, knelt down in the cool, dark soil, and started digging.  This was ok, I figured.  We were low to the ground, the soil felt good, and there wasn’t a lot of moving.  But it didn’t last.

Next were the tomatoes.  The joys of picking long past, Jen, Mom, and I trudged through the steaming hot rows with the sun hammering our backs, heads, arms, and more, bending, standing, bending, standing, sweating, and picking.  Sadly, the tomatoes are past their prime so we couldn’t even break up the drudgery with oohs and ahhhs over the perfect striped german.

But that didn’t last forever, and as Jen moved on to Melons, I took on the peppers and things got a bit better.  At the CSA we enjoyed some cool watermelon in the shade while our members collected their baskets full of hard earned harvest.

Thursday remained hot.  We whined and complained as we harvested for Plymouth Market.  All in fun of course.  We hit the tomatoes again, and again were hammered with heat.  Much of this paid off though, as our kind neighbors at the market – Blue Blinds Bakery – took a few of these tomatoes along with a red onion, some basil from Web of Life Farm, some mozzarella from Narragansett Creamery and made a delicious – and beautiful – caprese salad to share all around.

Around 4:00 the winds picked up.  The temperatures dropped a bit and we all relaxed.

Although  slow market day, it was a beautiful one.  The water to the east and the lighting as the sun lowered in the sky made for the perfect backdrop.

Friday I was lucky enough to have some business in the city, so I didn’t have to suffer in the fields through the INTENSE humidity.

And this morning… heaven.  The hurricane passed with no winds or damage to the farm, it took the heat with it, and we harvested for our CSA to blue skies, fresh, dry air, and a cool breeze.


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  1. nothing like the cool after the heat wave. good times!

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