This past Thursday, we lost our dear friend Einstein.

I can’t express in words how important Einstein has been to us and what a central presence he has been in our lives and on the farm.  And I won’t try.  I know we are not alone in our sadness over this loss and I’m sorry to have to share this news.

In memory of Einstein…


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20 responses to “Einstein

  1. Just beautiful.

    I feel for you in your loss. Our animals are our family. Cherish the memories and wishing you peace.

  2. barefootgirl27

    you have our deepest condolences….

    we are so sad to hear this

  3. Richard

    Very sad, Sasha & Dave. Beautiful tribute.

  4. Barbara and Mason

    Dear Plato, Dave and Sasha,

    SORRY that Einstein has gone to the stars. We will send him blessings a dinner tonight and blessings to each of you at this sad time of saying goodbye. Thank you for making this great video we laughed and smiled and cried. We have hugs waiting just for you.

  5. We are so, so sorry for your loss. Everyone will surely miss seeing him play on the farm.

  6. Jodi Kelly

    Dave and Sasha,
    I am so sorry to hear this sad news. What a beautiful tribute, what a beautiful relationship you had.
    Thinking of you both,
    Jodi (Derek’s sister)

  7. Chad Braden

    Very moving guys. What matters is not length of life but quality. Einstein certainly had a rich, full and fun life. As much as any living being could ever hope to. Good work.

  8. The Murrays

    Dave and Sasha, we are all so sorry to hear about Einstein. He and Plato have become two of many faces we look forward to seeing every week, and we know how much he was loved, by you, by everyone. And what a beautiful tribute, even if I now have go buy more tissues. :(

  9. Sorry for your loss, Sasha. Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help.

  10. The Cormiers

    We’re so sorry for your loss… Einstein was loved by all, and he certainly loved us all back. He’ll be missed.

  11. Nichols/Leahy family

    Einstein will always be a part of the “Plato Family”, in the hearts of all the adults, children and dogs that have come into the extended family. Thank you for sharing the beautiful video.

  12. Ellen

    Will, Quinn and I will really miss seeing your dear friend. What a lovely tribute Sasha made.

  13. Joia

    Beautiful tribute. I am so sorry for your loss. Every week we are used to say hello to Einstein and Plato and it happened that last Saturday I didn’t. I feel so sad that I didn’t take a few minutes to play with them and that I didn’t even realize Einstein was missing :-(
    We will miss him.

  14. ogfarmerswife

    Thank you all for your words. Its wonderful, at times like these, to have others who care.

  15. Lelah

    What a beautiful little film. I am crying all over again for the loss of Einstein – and Brando – and all the other animals who enrich our lives so much with their affection and joy.

  16. Susan

    Dave and Sasha – we are so sorry to hear of Einstein’s passing and love your tribute to him … it shows the love and compassion you have for your animals. Please know that you are both in our thoughts.
    With much love, Paul, Susan and all the girls.

  17. Shelly

    Lovely tributes from Einstein’s extended farm family. Clearly he had many two-legged friends to play with, and made many smile…

  18. Lisa Maury

    So so sorry for you loss Dave and Sasha! What a great tribute to Einstein, it made me laugh and cry. You have so many great pictures and video to remember him with, and those times were so special. What an amazing life that creature lived…great friends, great food and a whole lot of love! He put so many smiles on kids faces (big and small) and he will forever be missed. May your sorrow be replaced by all of those wonderful memories you have shared with your friend Einstein.

  19. mmstanger

    Nina said, “I like your farm.”

    Luke said, “Dave must be sad. I liked Einstein. Poor, Dave! Awww…”

    Mama says, “So sorry to hear about this… I haven’t checked your blog in a while and the kids were enjoying watching some of your videos here when we saw this beautiful tribute.”

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