Another Day

Today, as I headed over to Soule fields to prepare for the CSA, I brought my camera as I always do.  It was a perfect fall day.  Jen was full of energy because it wasn’t steaming hot and my parents even brought Sophie, the dog.  We dug huge and beautiful Kennebec potatoes before bunching radishes and digging carrots.  But I couldn’t bring myself to take any pictures.

I was relieved to be back in the fields – to be out in the fresh air, working in the soil.  It was relaxing and something I’d been craving all weekend.  But it was also my first day with the CSA and without Einstein.

I was fine until one of our first members arrived and her daughter gave me a beautiful card that she and her brother had made.  “Poor Goat” it said.  I was touched.  And had to have my first cry of the day.

More condolences, hugs, and tears came as the day went on.  Along with laughter and conversation.  And for all that I cried, I truly appreciated the feelings our CSA members shared.  They too cared for Einstein and truly understood our loss.

As the temperature cooled,  I pulled a sweatshirt over my overalls and started to relax into the routine.  As I watched the kids feeding Plato and pointing at the curious and noisy turkeys, I finally pulled out my camera.

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