Without it, there would be no food.  And it’s fascinating to think, when it’s raining, where the water that’s landing on our fields has been.  It may have flowed through the Amazon.  Or been in a cooking pot in India.  It may have filled a pool in Beverly Hills.  And after it nourishes our plants, soaks into the soil, finds its way back into our well, is pumped up to our hose, evaporates again, who knows where it will go.

But rain brings challenges.  First of all, it’s wet.  And can be quite cold.  It can soak into your clothes and remain there through a day in the fields or standing in the wind at the farmers’ market.  But this challenge can be overcome. Carhartt.  After the 4 days of cold and wet back in August, Dave and I invested in some Carhartt rain gear: sturdy bib overalls and a rain coat.  Coupled with our knee high muck boots, we’re impervious.  The getup is a bit bulky and would be quite hot in mid-summer, but over the last few days its been worth it.

But there’s another challenge that we can’t overcome alone.  And that’s the market.  Rainy days are slow days.  People aren’t as excited to come wander through the stalls at market and pick up their weekly supply of local food.  Whereas we don’t really have a choice, and get up early to harvest, wash, and pack regardless of weather, those purchasing the food do.

Now I understand wanting to stay dry.  I want to!  And it’s not always fun sloshing through puddles to pick out your eggplant, beets, lettuce, or whatever else looks good.  But I encourage everyone to make it a point of going to market on those rainy days.  Visit with your farmer.  Support their hard and wet work.  Satisfy your appetite.  Pick up some greens, potatoes, onions, turnip, carrots, garlic and more to go home and make a warm hearty soup.

Thank you to all of you who do come out.  You make the work worth it!  And who knows, perhaps the rain that falls on you through the market once filled the glass of a president, or a peasant, or a long past ancestor.

eat well.

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