Garlic Day 2010

Yesterday we had our third-annual garlic planting party.  As it fell on 10/10/10, we registered it as a event – a global work party to bring attention to climate change.  15 of us gathered at Soule Fields to spend a truly beautiful fall day out in the fields planting garlic, digging potatoes, eating, talking, and laughing.

These volunteer days are so much more than just work.  A group of strangers come together and get to know one another while enjoying great weather, incredible food, and while accomplishing something tangible.  Although it took us about 2 hours to break all the garlic heads down into individual cloves, the task was broken up with conversation, laughter, and entertainment.  Planting our first bed of over 2,000 cloves, took only 15 or so minutes with 30 hands at the task.

As well as rides on the water-wheel transplanter and one long awaited chance to finally drive the tractor, people got to enjoy an absolutely amazing potluck lunch.  Farming is all about food, and the real reward is when people have the chance to take the raw ingredients that we’re growing and turn them into incredible dishes to share with others. We cooked up one of our hams and chickens on the grill and I made a lentil soup full of farm-fresh veggies with a side of fresh bread-share bread. Michelle stunned us all with her quinoa salad.  Lynn turned simple beets and arugula into a fantastic salad. Cherie, with some Indian spices added incredible flavor to roasted squash. Julie, knowing the real value of butter, created an unbelievable pirogi casserole. And Rachel contributed mouth-watering pumpkin muffins.

It was a great day and in it we accomplished what would have taken our small crew a week or more to complete.  New friends were made and recipes shared (all of which I will post) and people went home feeling good.  Thank you all for you hard work, tasty dishes, and great company!



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2 responses to “Garlic Day 2010

  1. barefootgirl27

    it was a perfect Autumn day….. great food, great company!!

  2. Barbara

    I love the garlic paper confetti!

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