It has been a great year

Saturday marked our last regular CSA for the 2010 season – we’ll still have our one-day Thanksgiving share.   Sadly, I missed the last day as I was off at school this weekend, but I was there Wednesday to say goodbye to our friends and members.

Many people asked if it was bittersweet.  The answer was immediate… nope.  We love the farm season – the CSA, the markets, sunny days in the fields, hands in the dirt, the excitement of the first pea, tomato, garlic, watermelon.  We love the potlucks and field days.  We love picking tomatoes – for a while.  Digging potatoes – when it’s not raining and cold.  Tossing watermelons off the field – for the first 1/2 hour.

And it has been a truly incredible season.  The weather couldn’t have been better.  It’s true it was dry, but luckily we had invested in irrigation last year and finally got to use it.  We had some of the best harvests yet.   Some of the tastiest produce and fruit. Those of you who tried our melon know what I’m talking about.  Our market stall would fill up with people when we laid out 100, 200, 350 pounds of tomatoes.  Our CSA members would lug home tens of pounds of produce, filling up baskets and bags and boxes.

One day we harvested over one ton of tomatoes.  Another day we pulled over 3,000 pounds of squash off the fields.  We harvested 9,000 heads of garlic.  14 rows of potatoes.  And the fields are fuller than they’ve ever been at this time of year.  They are rich with carrots, turnips, braising greens, lettuce, spinach, and leeks.  Our root cellar is loaded with potatoes, squash, and more.  All of which will make their appearance through the winter markets at Plymouth.

It’s been a great year.

We’ve seen children in our CSA learn to walk.  Babies have been born.  New friends have been made.  We’ve discovered new recipes and shared many dishes.  Our annual farm-day potluck saw over 100 visitors.  Field-days have been full with volunteers.  It really has been a great year.

Farming, like nothing else I’ve experienced, grounds you in the here and now.  Its a good place to be.  And we appreciated the summer months while they lasted.  But they’ve come to an end and we’re on to what’s next.  We’re eager to slow down, sleep in, cook and eat.  We have tractors to fix.  Siding to put up.  House work to do.  Holidays to prepare for and celebrate.  And there is still food to harvest, field work to be done, and markets to attend.

Thanks to all of you who shared in this wonderful season.  Thanks for bringing your families to our farm, making your children a part of our lives, visiting us weekly at the market whether 95 degrees or cold and raining.  We appreciate the potluck dishes and recipes you shared, the thanks you offered us, and the occasional treats – pumpkin bread, wine, delicious and warm soup.  Our farm is as much about the community we build as the food we grow.


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2 responses to “It has been a great year

  1. Barbara

    Beautifully said, as always. And, THANK YOU Sasha and Dave for the best food, friends and fun. Our larders were bursting all season long!

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