Farm Address:  Soule Homestead – Middleboro, MA – 02346

Mailing Address:  131 Chestnut St – Middleboro MA – 02346


Dave Phone: 508-315-9429

7 responses to “Contact

  1. Tracy Miller

    Hi Dave and Sasha,

    I saw your e-mail about the Natural Living show. Thanks for sending that out.

    I think you did a top notch job, Dave. Well done! We’re getting a bit of publicity in the Gazette and also in Arlington (its playing up there near Boston as well). Maybe you’re going to be a star….


  2. Just finished your survey. I run a little blog for a school garden here in Barrington Rhode Island. I would love to hear the results .

  3. Pauline OConnor

    I’m interested in your CSA, and am also interested in grass fed beef and organically fed, free range chickens. Any information you can give me is great.

    Thank you.

  4. Chandan Maddanna

    Hey Dave /sasha and family,

    just came across your farm site and was immensely happy to see what you had done. we all have to learn to nourish our roots strong, and the currency and system with man evaluated value system cannot provide this.

    at last man remains dependent on nature for his own existence, and this is a great way to understand thsi and also give back to the nature and fellow men.

    i am really glad and congratulate you on the same.

    Chandan Maddanna.
    Bangalore, India

  5. Margaret Eichman

    Hi Dave and Sasha,
    Hey, I like how you approach garlic planting and would like to be a part of your fall planting later this year. When that time rolls around and should you need another hand I’d be pleased if you could send me an e-mail. I’m currently doing a work-share at Derek Christianson’s Brix Bounty Farm and worked at Lucky Field Organics a couple of years ago.
    As Ray Smith of WGBH’s Jazz Decades always said,
    Cordially Yours,

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